Testimonials From People Who Benefited From The Epoch Times (Part 2)

April 23, 2020 Updated: April 23, 2020

Investigative Reporting

Investigative reporting is not easy. It takes time, lots of digging for facts, developing sources, and due diligence—but it’s the backbone of a newspaper
like The Epoch Times. We are always searching for the story behind the story—the behind-the-scenes facts that provide you with essential information that you may not get from other sources.

The CCP Virus, commonly known as coronavirus or COVID-19, was a story that was incomplete until vital information was uncovered.

We reported on what the CCP was releasing as “official” numbers of the sick and dead—but we also contacted families inside Chin and talked to funeral homes and crematoria to gauge the real number causalities—and we obtained vital statistics on how many cellphone accounts had been closed. These findings all told us more than what we were getting from the CCP—a completely different story.

This is what we call “Epoch Journalism,” and we appreciate your responses to it.

Here are is what some people are saying:

“Epoch Times alone offers superior investigative journalism, especially in-depth information about China, domestic and foreign, unavailable elsewhere. ET articles offer wide-ranging humane and moral perspectives on local and world politics. Bravo!” – Jeffrey Asher

“Your paper has opened our eyes to the issues of communist China’s deception of its people and the world. Thanks for your honest, fair balanced reporting and excellent writing of articles.” – Lee Skornia

“Epoch Times is a courageous paper unafraid to post controversial stories the Mainstream Media won’t. Their coverage of Hong Kong was what drew me initially but now I read them for a wide range of topics and issues.” – Stephen Marmer

“The stories are informative and thorough. Their stories are on a variety of subjects and there’s always something fresh and upbeat. Their reporting is incredibly detailed. Instead of seeing everything that’ss wrong with the world, The Epoch Times gives me the hope that everything can be made right. I know my kids will have a brighter future if I can do my part in supporting the things that are good and right in the world today. The Epoch Times is one of those things that can make all the difference. For a few dollars a month, I feel like I’m doing my part.” – Michelle Russell

True journalism means always making one more phone call. It means always searching through one more paper trail or developing one more source. Most of all, it means reporting on issues and facts that the left or right-wing media are just uncomfortable with telling you. Investigative reporting isn’t easy—but it’s what we do best!