Ted Cruz: ‘I Didn’t Find a Horse’s Head in My Bed’

Names 'Godfather III' as one of his favorite movies
April 14, 2016 Updated: April 14, 2016

Ted Cruz and family sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on April 13. Cruz was joined by his wife, Heidi, and his daughters Caroline, 8, and Catherine, 4.

The night was punctuated by attacks and jokes made at the expense of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, one of which referenced the movie “The Godfather.”

“I was very glad this morning to wake up, that I didn’t find a horse’s head in my bed,” Cruz said, referring to a famous scene in the movie.

He also listed “The Godfather III” as one of his all-time favorite movies. 

In an interview the day before the town hall, Cruz compared Trump to the lead (Michael Corleone) in the movie, on Glenn Beck’s radio program.

“Donald needs to understand he’s not Michael Corleone. I understand that Donald has had some very shady business deals with people that are currently in prison—mobsters. But the presidency should not be like Cosa Nostra and it is wrong for a presidential candidate or his henchmen.”

You could sit alone in the woods somewhere and still hear Donald’s tweets.

Cruz is a big fan of “The Godfather” and has been known to do an impression of Michael Corleone during interviews

Elsewhere during the town hall, Cruz compared Trump’s campaign to “union boss thugs.”

Cruz also said that the phrase “New York values” originated with Trump, and admitted that he follows Trump on Twitter, prompting another joke.

“You could sit alone in the woods somewhere and still hear Donald’s tweets.”

This is the second town hall meeting that focused on the candidates families, the first one was only a day earlier with the Trump family.  

You can see Ted Cruz quoting the Godfather below—at 10:05.