Technology Plays God in the Effort to Erase Sexual Identity

October 8, 2021 Updated: October 12, 2021


We’ve entered an age that features a belief in the mystical, secret knowledge of technology as a means to salvation.

The chosen techno gods are upon us. They promise to lead us away from the evil of the physical body to the salvation found in the mind, through disembodiment or gender identity, which is acting upon our societies very much like a religious cult.

As essayist Mary Harrington recently observed, “Gnostic longing to become creatures of pure consciousness has gone supernova.”

The Terasem Movement Foundation is a nonprofit organization “dedicated to human life extension, via geoethical nanotechnology and personal cyberconsciousness, concentrating particularly on facilitating revivals from biostasis (or reviving the dead). The movement focuses on preserving, evoking, reviving, and downloading human consciousness.” It’s a religion of transhumanism—the technological enhancement of human life.

Terasem Movement Foundation founder Martine Rothblatt is a transsexual transhumanist with a god complex and a penchant for artificial intelligence (AI), genetic engineering, and the dissolution of the boundary between the male and female sexes. He’s a frequent speaker at Out Leadership, the global business network of the gender industry.

He’s also the first person to draft a document that gives legal status to human disembodiment as a civil rights concern, later to become the International Bill of Gender Rights. He believes that technology is creating god. He founded the biotech company United Therapeutics—in which he still holds significant stock—where Ray Kurzweil of Google, another transhumanist and mentor to Rothblatt, serves as director.

Rothblatt is also a fetishist who believes his fetish for disembodiment and the objectification of the female body should be normalized. He has worked for NASA and invented SiriusXM Satellite Radio and believes that transsexualism and its current offshoot, transgenderism, is the on-ramp to transhumanism.

He has lectured on the relationship between technological transgenders and technological transhumanists. To the accolades of the director of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH), he has suggested that the next step for transhumanists is to create an organization for them, similar to that of WPATH for technological transgenders.

Transhumanism, a male-dominated movement, was defined by its founder Max More in 1990 as “a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.”

Death as part of what makes the regenerative process of life possible seems to have escaped these predominantly male transhumanists. They seem inordinately focused on colonizing the reproductive capacities of females for their own purposes, helping to institutionalize the reduction of our half of humanity to period havers, menstruators, chestfeeders, bodies with vaginas, and non-men in an effort to dehumanize women toward this colonization process.

Hugo de Garis, masculist and transhumanist, presents a particularly virulent brand of female dehumanization, sounding much as an incel would in his discussions about women and feminism, while neoliberal feminists, men’s rights activists, politicians, and institutions bully, degrade, and target women who critique the porn, prostitution, surrogacy, and gender industries that exploit female biology for profit.

The gender industry, replacing religion for large swaths of Western cultures, is doing double duty.

First, the concept of “sex-on-a-spectrum,” now taught everywhere from grade schools to medical schools via “gender identity” ideology, opens markets in sexual identity. These “new sexes,” begun with the corporatizing of same-sex attraction by corporatists who founded LGBT non-governmental organizations to shroud their profiteering, are supported by the largest corporations and financial institutions in the world.

Second, it grooms us to accept the unacceptable, which is the violation of the boundary between males and females. This is the bridge elite transhumanists will use to engineer our melding with AI, nanotechnologies, femtotechnologies, and beyond. Once we accept this breach to sexual dimorphism as identity and once we’re comfortable with the concept that women have nothing to do with reproduction and are mere vessels and tools, as well as the idea that sex exists on a spectrum, the dissolution of a family united by blood and genetics will complete the tech takeover of reproduction.

Our parents, our gods, will be the corporate state, and they alone will have the power to govern our development as a species.

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Jennifer Bilek is an artist and investigative journalist tracking the forces behind the gender identity industry. She writes at The 11th Hour Blog.