Tech Company President: Shen Yun a Positive Statement of What China Once Was

May 7, 2018

“We’ve been involved in the dancing and the performance community for 35, 40 years, so to us, this is—it’s reinforcement of what we have spent years and years enjoying.”

“This, to me, was a very positive statement, recognizing that [China] was at one time an open society. Today it is not.”

“I do business in China, and the control of society that is there today is very, very frightening to me. I can’t imagine living with that kind of control. For example: you don’t want to take your cellphone with you when you go to China because it can be completely downloaded from their airport, and you don’t dare even turn your cellphone on and call somewhere because it would be monitored as you sit in a hotel room, and you won’t wish to have a meeting because you can be certain that every word you say is recorded by the government. … This [performance] really solidified that … the government controls China.”

“The more you remove the religion, Gods, spirituality, … the more you remove that from society, replace it with the government, with it taking care of people, the more you can expect people to react negatively.”