Tech Co-Founder: Shen Yun ‘Captures Your Mind and Your Heart’

December 29, 2017

“It was a great performance … I think everybody should come really to see a show like this. It’s not like the opera, one story, it’s so many little stories of life, and it captures your mind and your heart, and you appreciate how much these artists do in order to give you such a performance.”


“It is artistic and it carries you with the music and the movement. You follow, you feel like you are really on a gondola, looking at the beauties of this movement.”


“The dancing was amazing. It is the unity of the whole; it’s a package with a perfect package. It’s a perfect package. You see the movement, you see their hands, the rhythm. They are amazing; they have put in so much effort, I think, to reach that stage. I think it’s one of the best performances that I’ve seen.”