Tales of Wisdom: Lil’ sis hears parents say only a ‘miracle’ can save her bro—her response is gold

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
September 4, 2019 Updated: September 4, 2019

Words of Wisdom aims to highlight important morals, which we feel our readers will benefit from reading. We hope you enjoy this fable.

Do you believe in miracles? To buy her sick little brother a “miracle,” an 8-year-old girl quietly slipped out of her house one night and walked six blocks to a drugstore without informing her parents. That evening, the 8-year-old girl, named Tess, overheard her parents’ conversation about her little brother, Andrew.

Andrew was very ill, but they had no money to pay for his costly surgery. Her dad had sold their house and exhausted all their savings to pay for his medical bills.

“Only a miracle can save him now,” Tess heard her dad say to her mom in desperation.

Illustration – Shutterstock | ESB Professional

Hearing that, Tess went to her bedroom and pulled out a glass jelly jar from her closet. She poured out all the nickels, pennies, and dimes from the jar and began counting. With the money she had, she slipped out of her house and walked to the nearest drugstore, located six blocks away.

While at the drugstore, she approached the pharmacist, who was talking intently to a well-dressed gentleman. She patiently waited for him to notice her, but he kept talking to the man.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Zoriana Zaitseva

Anxious to buy a “miracle,” she took out some coins from her jar and banged the lot on the glass counter. The pharmacist, distracted by the sound, asked Tess annoyingly: “What do you want? I’m talking to my brother who came all the way from Chicago. I haven’t seen him for ages!”

Tess mustered up her courage and said: “My little brother is really, really sick. I would like to buy a miracle from you.”

“What?” the pharmacist exploded.

“My brother, Andrew, has something bad growing inside his head. My dad says ‘only a miracle can save him now.’ So, how much does a miracle cost?” Tess explained.

“We don’t sell miracles here,” the pharmacist said.

The pharmacist’s brother heard everything and stooped down to ask Tess, “What miracle does your brother need?”

“I don’t know,” said Tess, with tears welling up in her eyes. “My dad can’t afford to pay for it, so I will buy it with my money.”

“How much money do you have?” the pharmacist’s brother queried.

“$1.11,” Tess murmured. “That’s all the money I have.”

Illustration – Shutterstock | noophoto

The well-dressed gentleman smiled and gently replied: “$1.11 is exactly the price to buy a miracle for your little brother. Please take me to your brother and parents, let me see what kind of miracle he needs.”

So, Tess led the gentleman to her home. Miraculously, the pharmacist’s brother happened to be Dr. Carlston Armstrong, a doctor from Chicago who specializes in neurosurgery.

After examining Andrew, Dr. Armstrong reassured Tess, “I know what miracle your brother needs, and it will cost only $1.11.”

Soon afterwards, Dr. Armstrong completed the surgery on Andrew without charging his parents any fee. After the operation, Andrew gradually regained his health—all thanks to the $1.11 miracle Tess bought!

Illustration – Shutterstock | Surapol Usanakul

This story, though claimed to be true, has unknown origins. If it can teach us anything, it tells us to never stop having hope, because miracles can happen. Moreover, we can create that miracle by giving to others without expecting anything in return, just like what Dr. Armstrong did! We’re pretty sure he wouldn’t have pocketed the girl’s only $1.11!