Suzanne Somers Says She’s Happy With Trump

January 23, 2018 Updated: January 24, 2018

Actress Suzanne Somers says she’s happy with President Donald Trump, especially because the economy is doing so well.

“I’m happy about him,” the former “Three’s Company” star told TMZ.

“I’m happy that the economy is doing so much better,” she said.

The interviewer tells her, “That’s cool to hear someone say that in Los Angeles.”

“And now my career is over,” Somers jokes in response.

Since Trump came to office last year, unemployment levels have dropped to the lowest since 2000; the stock market is breaking record after record; consumer confidence is at a 17-year-high; and GDP (gross domestic product) growth is at 3 percent, a mark that some economists had recently considered unattainable. With the passing of the tax reform bill this month, economic growth is expected to accelerate even further.


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