Suspect Shot While Trying to Rob Santa Ana Restaurant

June 4, 2018 Last Updated: June 4, 2018

A customer who had pulled into the drive-through lane at a restaurant in California took action when a masked, armed man went inside the restaurant and ordered the cashier to hand over cash.

Maricela Beltran was working the register at Cozy Corner in Santa Ana early Saturday when the man, wearing a puffy ski jacket and a mask, entered the store and acted as if he had a gun in his pocket.

He ordered Beltran to empty the register, so she began filling the bag he handed her with money.

All of a sudden, three gunshots went off.

They were fired from a vehicle that was parked in the drive-through lane, situated about 15 feet away. Two of the three shots hit the suspect, reported Fox LA. The suspect quickly exited but was so badly wounded that the police found him quickly after Beltran called 911.

NBC reported that the robber collapsed near the Cozy Corner; after officers found him, they took him to a nearby hospital for treatment. The robber had made off with $274 in cash, all of which was recovered.

Surveillance footage captured the vehicle of the man with a gun in the drive-through. Police officers are looking for him because he drove off after shooting the robber.

Santa Ana Police Cmdr. Michael Claborn told the Orange County Register that the shooting took place just after midnight on May 26.

He said what the man in the drive-through did was dangerous.

“It was very dangerous, one of the employees could have been shot,” he said.

He said that when shooter is found, he will be charged with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.