Susan Boyle Hospitalized After Outburst at London Airport

April 26, 2016 Updated: April 26, 2016

Susan Boyle, the singer, reportedly caused a disturbance at Heathrow Airport in London on Monday, reported TMZ.

Police were called into the airport and removed Boyle against her will.

She was taken to a nearby hospital for an evaluation. A representative for the 56-year-old singer and “Britain’s Got Talent” contestant said that she wasn’t placed on psychiatric hold.

The rep added that the outburst was due to her Asperger’s syndrome. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, which is a type of autism, in 2013.

She was released and flew back to Scotland, the report said.

According to U.K.’s The Sun, Boyle got into a heated argument with a staff member as she was headed home to Glasgow.

“She looked confused and was shouting: ‘I’ve done nothing wrong, I’ve done nothing wrong’ repeatedly,” a witness said.

“There was a massive commotion and everyone was looking at her,” the witness added. “Nobody knows what started the argument, but I was told it was something small that spiralled out of control. The cops looked pretty concerned as she was all over the place. They eventually took her away.”

A few weeks ago, Boyle reportedly shouted “help me!” at Derry Airport in Northern Ireland following an argument with her family when she was left alone in the terminal.

Earlier, in 2010, Boyle started dancing and sang into a mop at Heathrow Airport, confusing onlookers. She also attempted to shine travelers’ shoes with the mop.

When staff tried to talk to her, she ran off and yelled, “I’ve escaped, I’ve escaped.”