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Survivor of the Cambodian Genocide Nal Oum: A Heartfelt Warning to the West

I sit down with Nal Oum, a survivor of the Cambodian genocide. At a time when anyone with a high school education was targeted for extermination by the ruling communist regime, he was deputy director of the national hospital in Phnom Penh and became one of the few medical doctors to survive Cambodia’s notorious Killing Fields.

He is still haunted by the day he was forced to abandon all the children under his care in the hospital’s pediatric ward. Like millions of other Cambodians, he was forced to the countryside.

Everywhere I turn, you see the fresh graves,” Nal Oum recounts.      

He escaped and walked for 22 days through the jungle, sustained by one thought: to tell the world what he had witnessed.

“They infiltrate, infiltrate, divide. And they come to destroy you from the inside.”

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