Superpowered ‘Warlock’ Wreaks Havoc in Shopping Mall

June 6, 2019 Updated: June 6, 2019

An hilarious video has surfaced online of a group of actors putting on a display of superpowers in public, much to the shock of the general public.

The video begins by showing a group of people, which the on screen caption calls monks, wandering around a shopping center and waving their arms or doing some other action, and a group of actors, who are in on the act, falling to the ground or flying around as they follow the order of the “warlock”. We learn early on in the video that the actors are part of the act as we see them laughing as they are “trained” how to respond.

We then see the hooded “warlock” wandering through the shopping centre tossing people around or throwing them to the floor with their imaginary powers whilst normal everyday shoppers look on amazed.

In one incredible scene one “warlock” throws an imaginary ball of energy at a man who falls backwards through a well placed pane of glass being transported by a pair of actors. Many onlookers scurry away in the face of the “monk’s” superpowers obviously scared that he may turn his attention to them.

Perhaps the funniest part of the video comes late on when the “warlock” wanders into a cinema screening before screaming and launching an imaginary energy ball towards all those in attendance. The actors jump from their seats and fly into the air, popcorn flying everywhere, fully committed to the act. Only one unsuspecting non-actor stands in the aisle looking terrified. The monk then proceeds to scream again and hurl an energy ball towards the screen which makes the film start, much to the hilarity of those assembled who stand and laugh.


Video Credit: | YouTube