Sunken ‘Sin Ship’ Wreckage Surfaced From the Ocean Depths After Being Lost in 1936

August 11, 2019 Updated: August 16, 2019

A lot of people are fascinated by shipwrecks as in many cases there are no survivors to reveal the story of what happened in the last moments before the ship sank. By exploring these wrecks, one can piece together the life that existed on the ship and get a glimpse of history.

A prohibition-era shipwreck resurfaced off the coast of southern California after the El Nino storms of 2016. The infamous “sin ship” was a vessel once notorious for its illegal prostitution and gambling, and is said to still house over US$100,000 worth of silver.

The "Monte Carlo" is showing again on Coronado beach due to the big storms and surf. If you want the history of this…

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When the ship resurfaced on Coronado Beach in California, much to the surprise of locals relaxing there, the 300-foot-long wreck piqued the curiosity of many.

The ship resurfaced.

“It’s pretty amazing! I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve been to this beach many times and I had no idea it was here,” said one local, as quoted by ABC.

A lot of people even got close to take a look at it. “We`ve had a couple of rescues around the shipwreck where people got close to take a look at it and they get into a hole,” Capt. Sean Carey of Coronado Lifeguards told Fox 5. “There are deep holes around the shipwreck. It can go from knee-deep to maybe neck-deep, just like that, in a second.”

Coronado historian Susan Enowitz told 10 news, “Well, that’s a really interesting thing. There’s sort of a mystery about that.”

Recent El Nino-fueled storms washed away sand at Coronado Beach and unveiled a 1936 shipwreck.

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It was only later that the vessel was identified as the SS Monte Carlo, a ship from the 1930s prohibition era. The mob-run “sin ship” once advertised “dining, dancing, and dames,” as well as gambling to those who wanted to indulge certain illicit activities in a time when prohibition was waning.

The story of SS Monte Carlo

The infamous Monte Carlo was forever anchored in international waters, thereby allowing it to circumvent U.S. laws. Ferries would set off from the Hawthorn Street dock every fifteen minutes, transporting patrons aboard for whoever wished a little indulgence outside the law’s reach. It is even reported that Hollywood celebrities such as Mae West and Clark Gable used to visit the sin ship.

Although the boat was criticized for its illicit activities, police were unable to halt its operations, since it was anchored outside their jurisdiction. Meanwhile, some of the strongest voices against the SS Monte Carlo were from the church, which was adamant about shutting it down.

AMAZING DISCOVERY: ICYMI: The recent El Nino storms have unearthed a glimpse into our history: a 1930s ship has emerged on South Coronado Beach.More on the finding >>>

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“Evangelists throughout San Diego County and Southern California devoted their whole sermons to sin ships, ‘May God let forth His wrath!’ …  When it did break moorings and crashed, they took credit,” NBC quoted Joe Ditler, who has been studying the ship for over three decades.

The ship sank on Dec. 31, 1936, when it was hit by a vicious storm, and remained lost since then. According to Enowitz, the ship was “never salvaged and was left to sink in the sand.”

Then in 2016, the El Nino storms stripped down the shoreline sands, once again revealing the infamous ship to the world.

There is even speculation that the ship harbors somewhere within its bowels a treasure of silver coins worth approximately US$100,000.

Watch the video:

Recent storms unveil ancient ship wreckage on California beach

On New Year's Eve of 1937 the gambling ship SS Monte Carlo sank during a storm off the coast of Coronado, CA (just south of San Diego). It remained buried beneath the sand until the El Nino storms of 2016 unearthed its remains.

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