Study Shows a Crossover of Chinese and Western Medicine Decreases COVID-19 Deaths

By Summer Lawson
Summer Lawson
Summer Lawson
August 23, 2022 Updated: August 23, 2022

A study on integrating Chinese and Western medicine was conducted by Taiwan Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in 2021. It concluded that the number of COVID-19 patients receiving the integrated East-West treatment significantly reduced both severity and mortality. For patients who received only Western medical treatment, the mortality rate was 2.6 times more. The results highlighted the therapeutic potential of this therapy.

Between May and July 2021, a research team at Taiwan Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital conducted a study of COVID-19 treatment. Of the 93 hospitalized cases, 29 were administered with integrated traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and 64 patients were given conventional treatment with only Western medicine.

The results showed a hidden potential for combining both traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine.

The mortality rate of patients with integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment was 15.4 percent. It contrasted with the 40 percent of patients who received only Western medication.

One of the subjects was a 68-year-old woman, who went to the emergency room in June 2021 with a 38-degree-Celsius (100.4 Farenheight) fever. Her X-rays showed bilateral lung infiltration. She also tested positive in a COVID-19 rapid test during her admission.

Despite taking western drugs such as steroids, antibiotics, and redeliver, the 68-year-old still ended up in the Intensive Care Unit due to dyspnea, tachycardia, and hypoxemia.

Subsequently, while using HFNC, (heated and humidified) High Flow Nasal Cannula, TCM treatment was also implemented. The patient’s blood oxygen concentration improved after 4 days with stable vitals. After continuing the mixed treatment, her X-ray showed regression of her lung infiltration. The conditions gradually subsided.

Later in July 2021, the 68-year-old woman made a full recovery and was discharged from the hospital.

Huang Zehong, a TCM physician at Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, said, “Some coronavirus patients will have impaired lung function and immune system disorders after being infected. Severe cases may also trigger violent inflammatory responses called ‘cytokine storm,'”

Dr. Huang said a cytokine storm will then turn into acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

David Martin, senior medical director of Pfizer, a leading COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer said, “A cytokine storm is generally what leads to otherwise healthy young people dying of the flu. We saw that in the flu pandemic at the end of World War I and we’re still seeing it today in 2022.”

ARDS is a severe lung injury with acute symptoms of pulmonary edema developing within 72 hours of infection. Once the fluid develops in the lungs’ air sacs, diffuse alveolar damage (DAD) occurs within two to five days. DAD causes serious sequelae such as shortness of breath, lethargy, confusion, and death.

Dr. Huang pointed out that many studies proved a connection between the performance of small molecules of ribonucleic acid (MicroRNAs) and the severity of COVID-19 infection.

Researchers analyzed thoroughly the mechanisms that cause lung function impairment and immune system disorders in COVID-19 patients.

They found a connection between the fatal impairments and TCM used to treat COVID-19 .

Bei Qi was one of the herbs mixed in a TCM formula YQ1. It inhibited viral replication and promoted the antiviral effect of macrophages. The Chinese herb controlled intracellular oxidative pressures and prevented cytokine storms from occurring.

According to, a digital TCM encyclopedia, Bei Qi, or astragalus membranaceus, has a detoxifying property. It has been used in TCM history for over 2000 years.

Another discovery was significant progress in the blood oxygen concentration, respiratory rate, and lung morphology of the experimental mice. Their ability to fight virus also increased with Bei Qi.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, more and more coronavirus-recovered patients show post-COVID conditions. These sequelae include fatigue, brain fog, cough, brain fog, anxiety, and sleep deprivation.

Currently, how post-COVID conditions develop is still unknown.

Dr. Huang emphasized the importance of the result. ”Integrated TCM and Western medicine may become a necessary treatment plan in the future. The possible remedy provides patients hope for recovery.

The TCM practitioner also added, “The results of integrating TCM and Western medicine proves to be effective whenever an autoimmune system fails to fight viruses.”