Strangely Hypnotic Ice Stacking Phenomenon on Lake Superior

February 8, 2018 Last Updated: February 8, 2018

It only took a light breeze and small waves to put the ice covering Lake Superior near Duluth, Minnesota, in motion, crashing and piling it onto the shore, according to Dawn LaPointe and Gary Fiedler of Radiant Spirit Gallery.

The husband and wife photography duo captured the phenomenon, called ice stacking, on Feb. 2.

“The new ice was covered with frost flowers that sparkled in the morning sun. The frost likely gave the wind more surface area to help move the ice,” they said on Youtube. “The texture of the frost also limited how much the plates could slide over one another.”

“At lake level, the sound of the plates breaking and stacking on shore was deafening,” they wrote. “Standing on the shore while the massive ice floe moved toward us triggered the feeling of humbleness that Lake Superior has on many people. We admire Nature’s grace and beauty as well as her raw power and ability to sculpt the shorelines with wind, waves, and ice. It is worth wearing our winter layers in frigid, subzero temps to see what Lake Superior offers each day.”

Credit: Radiant Spirit Gallery via Storyful/Video Elephant