Stanford Medicine Professor: Shen Yun ‘Heals the Body and Soul’

“I think it’s beautiful. It’s one of the most fascinating representations of ancient Chinese culture. We were very happy.”

“It was like watching a show taking place in Heaven. They were in the air, beautifully dressed, with colors and the music and their skillful movements. It was like a show in Heaven.”

“It really brings what they say in one moment, that music and art is healing. I’m a healer; I’m a physician. This is what heals the body and the soul all at once.”

“People should come and see Shen Yun for the healing aspect; it does heal you. It makes you feel better; it connects us all.”

“Shen Yun should be a story for decades and centuries to come. I hope it stays like that.”

Jose Montoya, professor of medicine at Stanford University
San Francisco War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco, United States
Shen Yun International Company
January 1, 2018