Stanford Looking to Bring Home the Title

By Adria Clifford, Epoch Times

David Esquer remembers playing for the 1987 Stanford baseball team and winning the NCAA Championship. It was the first of back-to-back titles, and the Cardinal’s last championship to date.

“The one experience that has marked my life beyond any other, what really created that magic, is the bond that the team had, and playing for the guy next to you, and trying to experience something as a group that no one else had done before,” he said.

Now Stanford head coach, Esquer is hoping to bring home the title again, and after winning the Pac-12 his team seems in a good position to do it.

Combining a dominant pitching staff with an explosive offense, Stanford has been one of the top three teams for most of the year.

“We could be in the seventh, eighth, or even the ninth inning and be down a couple of runs, and we still have that confidence that we’re gonna come out on top,” said first baseman Andrew Daschbach.

Shortstop Nico Hoerner added, “It’s a team that has a lot of fun. Obviously, it’s easy to have fun when you’re winning baseball games, but the two go together.”

Stanford has suffered multiple injuries over the season, but strangely enough, the team only seems to have gotten stronger.

“I think four out of our nine starters on Opening Day are not in the lineup currently, and so when somebody goes down everybody rallies around and finds a way to kind of rise up to the occasion,” Esquer said. “With each injury, you figure that’s gonna be the one that’s gonna be significant, enough to really feel it on the field, and it hasn’t happened yet, which is amazing to me.”