Standing in Front of the Abandoned Trump Plaza, Clinton Attacks Trump’s Business Dealings

By Steven Klett, Epoch Times
July 6, 2016 Updated: July 6, 2016

Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton made some of her most direct attacks yet against her Republican opponent in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“We’re standing in front of the old Trump Plaza Casino and Hotel. Donald Trump once predicted it’ll be the biggest hit yet,” Clinton said during a rally on July 6.

“Now it’s abandoned. You can just make out the word ‘Trump,’ where it used to be written in flashy lights. He had the letters taken down a few years ago. But his presence remains,” she added. 

Clinton went on to list his business failures in the city, Trump Marina Hotel Casino and the Trump Taj Mahal, which, she notes, he called the “eighth wonder of the world,” and it filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

Her speech in Atlantic City took aim at the Donald Trump’s claim that he’d be a qualified president because he’s a qualified businessman.

Instead, she painted Donald Trump as an irresponsible opportunist who makes bad business decisions that has an effect on average workers. According to Clinton, Trump “rigged” the system so that others would invest in his company, and then reaped the benefits after the investments collapsed. 

She pointed to a Donald Trump quote saying that he referred to Atlantic City as a “cash cow” and pointed to him referring to the money as the “the money he took out” of the city.

Then she paraphrased a tweet posted by Trump on the morning of the speech when he said that he “made a lot of money” and then left.

Before Clinton made her speech in Atlantic City, Trump had sent out tweets, attacking Clinton and the Democratic politicians who “made the wrong moves” with the city’s convention center, airport, and Caesar’s Palace. 

He also issued a statement which reiterated his abilities as a businessmen and championed his job creation in the city. 

“I created thousands of jobs and made a lot of money in Atlantic City, which was what, as a businessman, I am supposed to do for my company and my family– and as President I will make America rich again, and Make America Great Again.”