Sole Surviving Mumbai Gunman Convicted

May 4, 2010 Updated: May 7, 2010

The only surviving gunman in the deadly attacks in Mumbai in 2008 was convicted on 86 counts Monday, including murder and waging war against India.

The bloody attacks in Mumbai, India's most populous city, left 166 people dead. Twenty-two-year-old, Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, kept his head down and didn't say a word as the judge announced the verdict.

The judge said the attack "was not a simple crime of murder," and there "was a conspiracy to wage war," according to the Associated Press.

Trained in Pakistan, the attack by the gunman put a strain on relations between Pakistan and India. Kasab had made a surprise confession in an outburst in court in July last year, describing his training in Pakistan and asking to be hanged. He later retracted his confession, saying he was forced into making it.

Two Indian men who were accused of helping the gunmen were acquitted by the judge.

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