Soccer Legend Coaches Houston Dash

While FIFA gets underway in Russia, Houston wants to take time to acknowledge the women of soccer. One of those women is Vera Pauw. She is a head coach for the Houston Dash.

“We’ve been helping writing the speech for the president of the association, final speech and discussing it through. So it’s very special for us to see the games now are starting and recognizing not only the leader players but also the places and the atmosphere that is there. The World Cup now here it will bring in the top level games and I’m looking forward to that so much,” said Vera Pauw, a head coach for the Houston Dash Women’s Soccer Team.

Local soccer fans are lucky to have someone like Pauw here in Houston.

“I’m enjoying very much, it’s fantastic to be here, it is such a competitive league with so many matches. It’s just amazing,” said Pauw.

Coach Vera Pauw was born in Amsterdam where she was a star on the Netherlands Women’s National Team.  She played with five different clubs and then began coaching for Scotland, the Netherlands, Russia, and South Africa where she then qualified for the Rio Olympic Games.

In 2016 she became a candidate for FIFA’s top 10 best women coaches.

She is now focused on the city’s only female professional soccer team.

“Here it’s different. It’s a mix of all because there are different coaches here, different backgrounds, and it makes it very lively and challenging and nice to get all those personalities together and to give each the space that they deserve,” said Pauw.

Here is her best advice for those who would like to become professional:

“First of all, you need to be the best, of course, you need to work very hard because talent in itself is not enough. You need to realize that stepping from high school, college, to the professional league, it’s a huge step that you don’t get frustrated if in the first year when you used to be the best on the pitch, now maybe you are on the bench or even in the stands.”

If you have never attended Houston Dash Games here is your personal invitation.

“If you go to football with your family, if you go to basketball with your family, if you go to baseball with your family, what message do you give to your sons and daughters if you don’t go to the Dash. Because then you say actually that professional sport is just for men, and I would say for growing up children it is fantastic to see us. We are an exciting team, we are a diverse team and everybody is enjoying themselves so come out and support us because we need you,” said Pauw.