Small Plane Crashes in Wisconsin, 6 Dead

The plane left Chicago for Canada
July 2, 2017 Updated: July 2, 2017

A small Cessna airplane carrying six people crashed on Saturday morning in Wisconsin, according to reports.

The Price County Sheriff’s Office says the plane crashed after leaving Chicago and was heading for Canada, WGN-TV reported.

According to WSAW in an update on Sunday afternoon, it was confirmed that six people died in the crash, with the sheriff’s office confirming that all of those who were killed were adults.

“We’re dealing with things that people just don’t want to talk about or see,” Price County Sheriff Brian Schmidt was quoted as saying by the broadcaster.

The crash took place at around 3 a.m. Saturday.

“We’re fortunate to have someone with a helicopter, and we were able to locate the compartment of a fuselage and the passenger compartment of an airplane,” Schmidt explained.

He added to WAOW: “At this point, we really don’t know any causes (of the crash). We sent deputies to the area here and they located the debris field which you can see on State Highway 111.”

National Transportation Safety Board investigators told The Associated Press that a discussion between the plane’s pilot and air traffic controllers mentioned a “local weather phenomenon.” The plane later dropped off the radar before presumably crashing.

Two of the victims were apparently school employees at a Bensenville, Illinois, elementary school, according to a post on the Tioga Elementary School Facebook page, AP reported.

As WSAW reported,¬†local officials aren’t releasing names, ages, or other details right now.