Signs of Food Crisis In China; Bizarre Phenomenon Sees Summer Snow in Beijing; US Forms New Alliance

July 29, 2020 Updated: August 31, 2020

During the first virus outbreak in China, concerns began to spread about possible food shortages. This included an alleged leaked government memo that caused panic buying. And now with the floods, locusts, the swine flu, and another virus outbreak now spreading, there are signs that food supplies are becoming an issue.

Meanwhile, in Beijing a strange anomaly was seen. Despite it being a hot summer day on July 28, it began snowing. The scene was captured on video by many residents.

And India, Australia, and Japan are coming together with the United States to form a new alliance against China among Indo-Pacific powers. This included naval drills last week between the four nations, which were accompanied by the United States declaring China’s claims to the South China Sea are illegal; and backing of other alliance members on the same line.

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