Chinese See Shen Yun: ‘This is the essence of traditional cultural heritage’

March 29, 2009 Updated: April 3, 2009

LODZ, Poland—Shen Yun performed two packed shows in Lodz, Poland, on March 28. Polish people not only praised and appreciated Shen Yun, as many Chinese living there were deeply moved as well.

The Essence of Traditional Chinese Culture

Mr. Wang, originally from Beijing, has been doing business in Poland for more than a year. He found that Shen Yun showed the true essence of the Chinese traditional cultural heritage.

Mr. Wang loved the show: “My favorites are the classical Chinese dances, but the ethnic and folk dances were also fantastic. I was a bit homesick after seeing the show. I think while all cultures are globalizing, people in every nation should learn more about their own traditional culture, which cannot be lost. Traditional culture is very important.

“Traditional culture has a spiritual factor in it.

“It can’t be represented through physical appearance. Shen Yun means that we can get a feeling of what God left us. This is the essence of the traditional cultural heritage," he said.

High Spiritual Value

After the afternoon show concluded, many people lingered in the hall. One elderly lady, Ms. Huang came to Poland to visit her relatives a while ago. She was enthusiastic because she found it was rare to see an authentic Chinese show in Poland.

“Shen Yun represented the 5,000 years of the Chinese history. The show was of high standard," she said.

"We can’t see such a show in China. The New Year’s shows in China were all programs about praising the Chinese Communist Party,” said Ms. Huang.

Shen Yun is a New York-based production company that strives to provide a cultural performance devoid of the Chinese communist ideals, like many of the Chinese shows that are presented today. After the Cultural Revolution, much of China's ancient heritage was lost, being replaced with ideals that promote the communist regime.

She added, “I adore The Monkey King Triumphs and Monk Ji Gong Abducts the Bride. They have such profound meanings. This show has high spiritual and cultural values.”

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