Shen Yun ‘Great for the Kids and Great for the Family’

January 7, 2018

“It’s wonderful! It’s a great combination of music, singing, dancing—everything in one show. Great for the kids and great for the family. Really enjoyed it.”

“I enjoyed the fact that they brought technology into it as well. I was very impressed with the digital backdrop, how they incorporated that into the dancing—some of it was magical.”

“[The musicians in the orchestra] were excellent. We saw violins, we saw cellos, we saw clarinets. Everyone was working very well together, sounded beautiful.”

“It was very enjoyable, very relaxing. It was nice to see my family really enjoy it too—a very nice Sunday evening together.”

“At the beginning of every piece, [the emcees] would describe what was going on, which was very helpful for me because I’ve never heard the stories before.”

“I would tell [my friends] it’s something that everybody should see once, and again, good for the whole family. Everyone in our family enjoyed it.”