Former Finance Manager: ‘It was striking’

April 3, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015

Ms. Barrett attended the presentation with a friend, Mr. Williams. (Peta Evans/A MingThe Epoch Times)
Ms. Barrett attended the presentation with a friend, Mr. Williams. (Peta Evans/A MingThe Epoch Times)
GEELONG, Australia—An impeccable performance by Shen Yun Performing Arts stunned Ms. Barrett, a former finance manager of an international company.

The lavish show of China's 5,000-year-old heritage portrayed in Chinese classical dance and music, debuted at Costa Hall in Geelong, Victoria, the state's second largest city behind the capital Melbourne, once known as the gateway to the goldfields in the 1800s.

Ms. Barrett attended the presentation with a friend, Mr. Williams, who said, "I thought it was beautiful. Immaculately dressed the people, they were lovely."

Ms. Barrett wholeheartedly shared his view: "Oh, it was beautiful. The actual way they are dressed, just so beautiful. There was not one thing that you could find that you didn’t like, it was beautiful."

Shen Yun Performing Arts Company, based in New York, has at its foundation China's divinely inspired culture. Integral to its production are story-based dance, music, and vocalists.

Gorgeously costumed dancers, imperial processions, thunderous drummimg sequences, masterfully choreographed to perfectly match state-of-the-art backdrops, lighting and music that combines Western and Chinese composition.

Speaking of the ancient stories told through song and dance, Ms. Barrett said, "I think anything that they put together like that is worth studying. I couldn’t see anything wrong with it at all."

Mr. Williams said the scenery, images of rolling Mongolian pastures, majestic palaces, ancient temples, plum blossoms in the snow, were "marvelously done."

As for the costumes, he reiterated, "Yes, I said immaculate."

Ms. Barrett said emphatically. "They were outstanding, outstanding. I was looking at those particularly, because I could see how well they were—not a mark on them. Beautiful, very outstanding."

Even the music she said was "beautiful. There’s not one thing I could say I didn’t like, not one thing."

Ms. Barrett had never seen a show like Shen Yun and was awestruck by the demeanor of the world-class performers.

"It’s the first time, so it was interesting to come to see this. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’m quite taken aback with them, because they're such lovely people. I was so taken aback by their personality. I’ve never met anyone like them before," she said.

Not knowing what to expect, the production had exceeded her expectations, and she said she would tell people about her experience.

"I’ll tell them all about it. I’ll tell them how striking it was—it was so striking. And this is what’s so really … I’m just so taken in by them [the performers]. I’m just so taken in by watching them, the way they were dressed, they way they look and their hair, and all those things, I was just so taken aback. It was fantastic."

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