Shen Yun Displays ‘Expressive Dance With Meaning Behind It’

January 7, 2018

“I love it. I like the dance, it’s very expressive, very physical … The performers are very good.”

“I enjoy the cultural aspect of it … We enjoy the Chinese culture, it’s very traditional.”

“I enjoy the expressive dance with meaning behind it; very interesting and cultural.”

“It was very beautiful. The music, the dance, the performers, the costumes … The spiritual aspect of that is nice to see.”

“The music is fantastic … it’s very expressive.”

“I would tell people it’s a very good exposure to the cultural aspect of Chinese dance and Chinese tradition—I would definitely tell people to come and enjoy the show.”

Steve Laurel, business owner
The Long Center for the Performing Arts, Austin, United States
Shen Yun North America Company
January 6, 2018