Shen Yun Brings ‘Joy, Lightness, Elegance and Spirituality’

April 28, 2017

“The show is fabulous: the dancers, the choreography is extraordinary, magnificent costumes, and then the synchronization between the [digital] animated stage backdrop and the dancers. The dancers and the divine beings descending on stage, there is a perfect synchronization, which really gives us the impression they are flying, it’s really well done.”

“The orchestra is superb too. Without the music, there wouldn’t be a show. And then the costumes are fabulous. Everything is done very professionally. Each story makes us want to know more, one after the other.”

“The feelings! We cannot forget what is happening in China, the real problems. The artistic side but also the revolution and there are so many feelings, there is wisdom, there is the oppression, there is anger. Also, there are solutions presented here. The solutions are that people should free themselves and find peace and serenity at last.”

“[The show portrays] courtesy, respect, self-respect. They are very much together, very united, very supportive, that is very important. To succeed, we must come together and unite. If we are alone, we do not weigh very much.”

“It [Shen Yun] brings us joy, lightness, elegance. And spirituality too. To be humble and always have a good self-image.

“The tenor he was fabulous, a magnificent voice. And yes, the lyrics associated spirituality with reality, and everything fits very well together. So there’s always hope. There is never a problem, there are always solutions—that’s life.”

“I would say it is a magical show, like a fairytale with superb sceneries imbued with respect and wisdom, and then the Chinese culture is very very important.”