Shen Yun ‘Beyond a Performance,’ Former Missionary Says

March 8, 2017

“It’s so different, it’s so beautiful. At the same time, [it] has a strong, powerful message about the philosophy of China and [the] secular world. … It’s a very serious program. It’s not just entertainment, It makes you think about a lot. … It makes people think about their life and their philosophy.” 


“It was the grace, the purity, and the message of compassion, and good and evil. The spirit of man is stronger than the physical [being].” 


“The kingdom of God at the end is love. Love is like a rainbow. It has to have compassion, truth, and it has to have patience. It has to have peace. All those [compose] love. And this [Chinese] culture knew this a long time ago.”


“It’s beyond a performance. It [gives audiences] all the experiences a good show can give you, plus it goes deeper. … It will touch you. It touched everybody.”