Soros Promoted Former Smartmatic Chairman to Lead Open Society Foundations

December 6, 2020 Updated: December 8, 2020

George Soros announced that Mark Malloch-Brown, the former chairman of Smartmatic and current chairman of Smartmatic parent company SGO Corp., will lead Open Society Foundations.

“I applaud Patrick Gaspard’s leadership of the Open Society Foundations in a world beset by illiberalism. Mark Malloch-Brown will be Open Society’s new president. He is deeply familiar with its work and shares my vision of philanthropy,” Soros, the philanthropic organization’s founder and chair, said in a statement Friday on Twitter.

SGO is an investor group whose leading business owns Smartmatic election systems. The company’s relationship with Dominion Voting Systems is drawing attention and scrutiny as numerous voter fraud allegations against Dominion emerge in the wake of the 2020 U.S. election.

In a statement on Friday, SGO said that Malloch-Brown “has been instrumental in the growth and development” of Smartmatic, among other companies. He is stepping down as chairman of SGO on Dec. 31.

“Smartmatic, [sic] the world’s leading elections technology company, whose systems have securely processed more than five billion votes on five continents with zero security breaches,” the statement said.

But after an investigation, a former CIA official who spoke with The Epoch Times under condition of anonymity, and his team, found that former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez began to look to voting machines to maintain his leadership role since 2003.

Chávez contacted Smartmatic, a voting machine supplier that was first founded by three Venezuelans—Antonio M. Mugica, Roger Piñate, and Alfredo Anzola—in Venezuela in 1997 after he found out another voting machine wouldn’t be manipulated. He eventually won the 2004 recall referendum with the help of Smartmatic counting the votes.

On a page on its website titled “Smartmatic Fact-checked,” the company says the three founders sold their U.S. subsidiary, Sequoia Voting Systems, in 2007. Three years later, it says, Dominion bought Sequoia. The company denied any relationship with Dominion or Soros.

Former U.S. attorney Sidney Powell filed lawsuits in Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia, alleging that Dominion machines used in these states were equipped with software designed by Smartmatic for manipulating the 2020 presidential election. And the former CIA official believes that Powell’s allegations are true.

Dominion has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

In a statement, Malloch-Brown said he’s “deeply honored and humbled by the trust George has placed” in him, and he’s committed to working with Soros “to make sure we stay faithful to his original vision and values for the Foundations.”

Malloch-Brown previously served as a U.N. deputy secretary‐general and was UK minister of state for Africa, Asia, and the United Nations from 2007 to 2009. He currently serves on Open Society’s Global Board. He will take over as leader of Open Society effective Jan. 1.

Nicole Hao contributed to this report.