Residents Hold Second Amendment Rally in Austin

Demonstrators gathered at Austin City Hall on Saturday, June 2 to show support for their right to bear arms. It came after Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s roundtable discussion about safety in schools, which wrapped up last week.

“We think it’s very important now, there’s a huge clamor for gun control and for undermining our liberties, and so we felt that now was probably the right time,” said CJ Grisham, president, and founder of Open Carry Texas.

Grisham founded the organization five years ago, and they alongside many others protested at Austin City Hall, saying they don’t want their gun rights taken away from them.

“I want the same thing that the gun control crowd does. I want our kids to be safe. But obviously, they’re not safe using gun control principals. We need to allow law-abiding citizens who are trained and willing to arm themselves in self-defense to protect our kids and protect themselves,” Grisham says.

The Santa Fe High school shooting that killed 10 people last month was one of the main topics of conversation.

“To make sure we will not lose any more students in our schools because of gunfire,” said Governor Greg Abbott during last week’s discussions.

In those talks, Governor Greg Abbott was joined by state and local leaders to unveil his school and firearm safety action plan. The governor’s plan contains 40 recommendations and includes proposals that call for increasing law enforcement presence at schools, strengthening existing campus security programs, and enhancing firearm safety.

Organizers of the Second Amendment rally wished they were present during the three days of roundtable discussions about gun control with the Governor.

“When you’re talking about gun rights and gun control you have to have a grassroots involvement in that and not a single grassroots group was invited to the table on this,” said Grisham.

The group would like to see more law-abiding citizens take action into their own hands by training and arming themselves in self-defense.