Science Professor Resonates With Compassion Shown in Shen Yun

March 19, 2017

“I loved the idea that it’s a history lesson of dance and movement and spirituality that goes back 5,000 years—that really impresses me. There’s so much of the wisdom—traditions that are presented here: the Chinese, the Tibetans, and spiritual traditions. … This is a deeper level of athleticism because it’s about spirit.” 


“For me, you tolerate everything. Tolerance is the key. … There’s a lot of intolerance and that’s not good! Because this is all about compassion.” 


“It’s just the flow of all the movement. I loved the fact that they’re stories‚ they’re stories of the indigenous people, the tribal people—going back to the Han Dynasty. And you know, many of these religions feel that we came from the heavens, and we’ve lost our way down here. … That’s what this [Shen Yun]is all about. And of course, this is beautiful dance—this is joyous celebration.” 


“Usually when you think about a spiritual experience, it’s in a cathedral—this is another kind of cathedral. It’s the cathedral of the body, the movement, dance and joy in the body, and joy in the story of working together, dancing together, being human beings together, and expressing yourself. It’s divine!” 

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