San Jose School and Police Cooperate for Emergency Preparedness Drills

The San Jose Unified School District Transportation Department on August 6 joined with the San Jose police and fire crews for emergency preparedness drills. The training included physical and classroom training.

Leticia Fregoso, assistant manager of the Transportation Department said, “Today we’re having our in-service [training]. In the morning we do … all the things required by law for bus drivers. And then in the afternoon, we have the SWAT team here, and we have the fire department here.”

The physical training consisted of an actual damaged bus outside with dummy dolls that weigh about the same as that of an average kid.

Manager of transportation and fleet Corrin Reynolds explained, “Back here we have a bus that’s on its side. We’re simulating that it has been in an accident, broadsided by another vehicle. This bus actually was in a crash. We’re working on training drivers on how what to do in case something like this happens. How they can use the safety equipment on the vehicle, how to get in and out, how to rescue kids.”

In the classrooms, speakers explained concepts and how to act in different scenarios.

“We have the fire department who is also showing first aid, how to do first aid training, what’s inside the first aid kit, how to properly use it,” continued Fregoso. “And the swat team is in the other room and they’re talking about in case we have a hijacking, what the proper things to do, what not to do, and so we want to keep our kids as safe as possible.”

“I’ve been here for 28 years and we’ve never had an incident, knock on wood it stays that way, but we would always want to be prepared,” said Fregoso. “We want to give our drivers the best training because we want to provide the best service for our students.”