Points FAQ

What are the benefits of Epoch Points?
With Points, you can earn points on actions you take every day — like becoming a subscriber or referring a friend. Every 10 points is equal to $1 worth of gift cards or more.

What do I earn points on?
Please visit our Reward Center to find out the latest on “How to Earn Points”.

When can I begin earning points?
You will be able to earn points immediately after you have verified your email address. Please make sure you are logged in to TheEpochTimes.com.
For points earned from successful referee subscriptions, points will become available after the referee’s first renewal.

When can I begin redeeming points?
You will be able to redeem points immediately after you become a paid subscriber.

What rewards are available to redeem my points for?
You can currently redeem your points for different denominations of gift cards and various Epoch Times subscription products. More rewards will be added in the days ahead. You will only be able to redeem for two Amazon.com Gift Cards* every 30 days.

How many points do I need to have before I can begin redeeming them?
Please visit our Reward Center to find out the latest updates.

When will my points expire?
The points you’ve earned won’t expire. Once a while you might receive limited time gifted points, but those will have an indicated expiration date.

Where can I redeem my points?
You can redeem your points at the “Use My Points” section in the Rewards Portal.

Epoch Share Referral FAQ

1. What is “EpochShare”?

“EpochShare” is a referral program that creates an exciting opportunity for you to earn Gift Cards, subscriptions and more by referring TheEpochTimes.com to your family and friends. It is a small way to thank you for your efforts in bringing more readers to TheEpochTimes.com.

When anyone registers to TheEpochTimes.com using your unique share link, you get 20 points. You can use your points to redeem for exclusive rewards listed under “Use Your Points”

2. How do I refer a friend?

We’ve created two easy tools for you. One is to share articles to refer a friend, and another one is to send invites directly from the Reward Portal through the Epoch Share widget.

1. Sharing articles to refer:
a. Be signed in to your Epoch Times account and go to any article.
b. Use the share function on the article page to share your unique article link with your friends. You can choose methods such as Email, Copy Link, Twitter®, Facebook® and other provided social media channels.

2. Sending an invitation from the Reward Portal:
a. Input your friend’s email and click send

Rewards and Eligibility

1. What rewards can I earn?
We currently offer Amazon.com Gift Cards*, EpochShop.com gift cards, as well as subscriptions for you or your friends. More rewards are being added in the near future. Find out more under the ‘Use My Points’ section.

2. Who can I refer to earn rewards?
You can earn rewards by referring a friend who has never created an account with The Epoch Times, and if your friend then subscribes, you will earn additional rewards.

3. What counts as a successful referral?
For your referrals to count, your referees must meet the following criteria:
1. They have never registered with TheEpochTimes.com before.
2. They must register through your email invite or the article you share.
2. They must verify their email after registration to count as a successful referral.

4. How do I track my referral status?
Once your friends have registered through your link and verified their emails, you will start to receive email notifications when your friends successfully get referred. You will also see the recent activities from your Rewards Portal: Rewards.TheEpochTimes.com

5. How can I tell if I have earned points?
You will receive an email stating that your friend has registered through your link, or your friend has subscribed through your link, and how many points you have gotten. You can also find this information in your Rewards Portal: Rewards.TheEpochTimes.com

6. How many referrals do I need for each reward?
You will receive 20 points for referring each free user. In the “Use Your Points” section you can find how many points for each reward.

7. Who is eligible for Gift Card redemptions?
Any paid subscriber is eligible to redeem for gift cards. For 3rd party gift cards, you will be eligible to redeem upon first renewal if on a monthly subscription, or anytime after you subscribe for annual subscription. Please check the redemption description for each item. For free users, it’s only $1 to become a subscriber. You will get so many benefits as a subscriber.
*Note: Amazon.com Gift Cards have a max redemption limit of 2 cards every 30 days.

10. Who is eligible for Epoch Credit?
Any paid subscriber is eligible for Epoch Credit.
App subscribers (those who subscribed to The Epoch Times via The Epoch Times mobile app) are unable to redeem Epoch Credit towards their subscriptions.

11. How will I receive my rewards?
You will find your rewards under ‘Your Rewards Status’ in your rewards portal. You can redeem your points from the “Use my points” section. You can choose either Redeem for Gift Cards or choose to Redeem for Subscription.

1. Redeem for Gift Cards:
Choose the Give Card.
Wait up to 4 business days for the card to be ready.
Track your gift card status in the “Your Rewards Status” Session.
Once your card is ready to use, click “Use Now” to go to the Gift Cards page and claim your gift card.

2. Redeem for Subscription:
a. Choose the length of the subscription term.
b. Click to confirm

12. Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?
There is no limit on the number of people you can refer nor how many points you can earn. However, please check back for the most updated policy.

13. Do referral rewards expire?
Your points won’t expire as long as we have this program. Gift cards also do not expire.

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Need More Help?

Where can I reach out if my question wasn’t answered here?

Visit our Customer Care Center at help.theepochtimes.com/hc/en-us

* Amazon.com® is a registered trademark of Amazon, Inc. All rights reserved. Amazon, Inc. is not a sponsor or participant of this promotion. See amazon.com/gc-legal.