Video: Returning Soldier Surprises Son With the Help of Local Fire Brigade

May 10, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

A little boy gets the surprise of his life, delivered right to his driveway.

Captain Manny Lamson of Abilene, Texas, who returned from deployment on the Qatar Air Base as a Weapons System Officer with the ninth Bomb Squad, decides to surprise his family in the most unique way when he returns home.

He knew his son Connor Lamson loved firetrucks and decided to enlist the help of his local fire department to surprise his son. The Abilene Fire Department pulls up to Manny’s home. As the truck pulls up, Connor is excited and unsure of what is happening. Fire fighters climb out of the truck and shake Connor’s hand. As more and more leave the truck, he doesn’t know what to think.

The fire fighters let Connor climb in the truck and sit in the driver’s seat. After taking him out of the truck, they open a back door to reveal a mystery man.

Suddenly, the mystery fire fighter climbs out of the truck with a mask on. As he removes the mask, Connor recognizes that it’s his own father. Connor hugs his father close and touches his face to his dad’s face. This is surely a reunion that both father and son will never forget anytime soon.

Credit: storyful