Residents at Texas Apartment Tormented by Bees and Landlords’ Ideas Are Not Helping

June 12, 2018 Last Updated: June 12, 2018

Residents of a Texas neighborhood are anxious to remove a swarm of bees that is making life difficult for them, and the landlord of the apartment where the bees have settled in is unwilling to let pest control remove the insects.

Ivana Coleman, a tenant of the South Austin apartment, said a swarm of bees has moved into her doorway.

“I want to be able to get into my apartment without being afraid of being stung. I want to be able to peacefully sit in my apartment without a swarm of bees flying in, or the risk of it, because now they’re even coming through my front door,” said Coleman.

She said she has called pest control, but they told her they need the landlord’s permission. That, however, has not been forthcoming.

According to Coleman, the landlord is convinced he can solve the problem himself.

Neighbors said his ideas include putting a box outside for the bees to move into, adding a bamboo fence to interfere with their flightpath and sealing off the door jam.

So far, all attempts have failed.

“I don’t know how effective that’s been. Like I said, it’s getting worse,” said David Overholt, who also lives in the apartment building.

Neighbors said they’ve been stung repeatedly.

“I’ve gotten stung three times actually,” Overholt said. “It’s getting worse and worse. If anybody’s allergic in the neighborhood, kids walking by, it could be bad. And us, we have to navigate this swarm of bees everyday it seems like.”

Overholt said it has been impossible to convince the landlord to allow professionals to deal with the problem.

“I took a lot of different avenues, but it all leads back to the landlord, and he’s got to be willing to either call somebody or do something and, so far, not so much,” said Overholt.

Reporters tried to speak with the landlord, but he refused to comment.