Mama Dog Frantically Cries Over Her Wounded Puppy, Kind-Hearted People Respond to Her Call

April 19, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

What seemed initially like a tragedy unfolding before her eyes transformed into a moment which showed the brightness of tenderness, love, and the value of life itself.

A stray mother dog was pleading for help from any stranger willing to help her young pup who appeared to be facing the brink of death. Its eyes shut from the sheer pain of the severe injuries on its back was almost too for the little puppy to handle, especially for its mother who knew there was nothing she could do for her young pup. Fortunately, members from Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about the young pup and as they arrived, realized that the mother dog had four other young puppies to watch after.

Choosing to save the injured pup’s life, they lifted it up so they could take it in for emergency treatment while the mother dog was left behind with her other puppies. The injured puppy whom the staff named “Toggle” was treated for his wounds by Animal Aid Unlimited and spent several days under supervision with professionals to ensure he could walk again. Eventually, Toggle reunited with his mother and family in a heartwarming scene that will certainly brighten your day.

Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited | YouTube