Real Estate Investor Enjoys the Balance in Shen Yun Orchestra

December 24, 2017

“So the opportunity for me to go hear live music from an orchestra that was fantastic for me. And especially to see all the dancers and the performers there to be just engrossed in everything from the colors to the dancing and the routines, it was just fantastic.”

“[Music] is very calming, it’s very diverse as far as being articulate. The variety, it was balanced—is the best way I could describe it. There wasn’t a lot of brass or a lot of percussion or a lot of strings, it just was all balanced. Very well balanced and to me that was appealing.”

“It was nice to be able to come and see a show that included not only music but dance and color … it was a good diversion from the normal life, but also to be taken away to different environments that you wouldn’t expect—that heavenly plane. And see just the interaction between those different elements, the lighting, the sound, the shows, the dancers, it was all fantastic.”