Ranger ACE Camp

A handful of local sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders are heading back to the classroom this summer, they are at the Ranger Ace Camp trying out a career that they might not have thought about before.

“This camp is designed to introduce kids ages 13 through 15 to the construction trade, we are hoping that we can introduce them these kind of jobs at an early age that maybe they haven’t thought of before,” said Jessica Ziehr, camp director.

The first of its kind in Texas the Ranger Ace Construction Camp is helping teens to translate stem related skills learned in the classroom into a real-world environment.

“They are measuring, they are calculating volume, and areas and it’s a great way to apply what they have learned in school,” said Ziehr.

Over the course of five days, the campers are broken up into teams. They have to create their own construction company and work to built pit stops to hold go-carts.

“You are not doing it all on our own you are getting help from your peers and you finish faster,” said Hector Mendoza, a seventh-grade camper.

The camp’s director comes from a construction background but an additional teaching element was critical. That’s when Ranger Ace decided to partner with You Teach Program at the University of Texas.

“She needed some teachers she neede some curriculum so she reached out to You Teach and said can you help put a curriculum together,” said Halle Herzog, a camp instructor.

Through this partnership and with help in both the construction and engineering fields the teens learn in a hands-on way.

“Lot of times these kids are like when are we going to use this why am I learning this and this is why we are learning this and this is why we teach this stuff, so  I just love seeing all that,” said Herzog.

At the end of the week, the teams compete in the relay-style race at Austin Motor Sports Track for bragging rights.

‘I really like the camp and I hope everyone enjoys it too,” said Hector.

For more information go to RangeAce.org