Putlocker BZ, GappCenter, Cartoon HD Down: Latest News on TV and Movie Streaming Websites

Putlocker.BZ and GappCenter’s Cartoon HD were both taken down this week, leaving Internet users without two consistent sources for streaming free television series and movies.

Although illegal, both Putlocker and Cartoon HD had been available for a while. Putlocker in particular is well-known for being a prime destination for people looking to stream TV and movies.

Cartoon HD and Gapp Center’s page were taken down this week after the app developer reportedly tried to create a clone.

GappCenter then told followers via Twitter that Cartoon HD “is closed.”

Apparently iOS users are able to use the app if they change the date back a year on their devices, but the app won’t be updated from now on.

Putlocker, meanwhile, lost control over its domain name as it was suspended.

The site’s operator announced that it’s having an issue with the .BZ registry, so it moved to putlocker.is. IS is the domain name of Iceland. Moving sketchy websites to Iceland has been a growing phenomenon.

The issue follows several other piracy-related websites being shut down, including Torrentz.eu, FileCrop, Cricfree, and Delishows.

The Putlocker team told TorrentFreak that they got a letter from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) in the UK last month, indicating that the agency is likely behind the suspension.



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