Puppy Stuck in Pipe for Three Days, Got the Most Dramatic Rescue

April 6, 2019 Updated: May 24, 2019

Locals of a Vietnamese village were walking home when they started hearing noises coming from underneath their feet. They soon realized what they were hearing was the cries of a small puppy, who somehow got itself trapped in a water pipe. In response, the locals tried what they could to get this poor animal out of the pipe before the situation got worse.

Soon, more villagers gathered to free the puppy. A power drill was brought to the site so they were able to break up earth and rock in order to create more space for the puppy to move. Several people tried for hours while one of them recorded the whole process. Eventually, they were able to sew off much of the pipe, creating a hole big enough for the puppy to go through. However, the puppy was scared due to the noise and strange people, and was unwilling to get out of the hole by itself. So the brave workers had to reach their hands into the pipe and pulled the puppy out.

It seemed that the poor dog was down in the pipe for about three days. A dog of its age generally needs a lot of water and nutrients, so being trapped without food or water for several days can be deadly. It was quite a miracle that it survived all the odds!

The villagers got the puppy some water and started to nurse it back to health. These determined people were happy knowing that with their efforts, this little puppy would recover and thrive. Their good will is definitely something we would like to see more in this world!

Video Credit: Newsflare