Provocative Filmmaker Ami Horowitz Loves to ‘Change the Perspective’ of People

Provocative documentarian Ami Horowitz has shocked people, made them laugh, and even created international firestorms with his work.

But what makes him the happiest seems to be simply helping people change their perspective.

“To see people change their minds due to the videos that I produce is clearly the most satisfying part of my job,” Horowitz told The Epoch Times. “Based on my feedback, every video that I create seems to change the perspective of some members of my audience.”

(Ami Horowitz)

Horowitz is a writer, producer, and director of films that often take a humorous or satirical look at major social or political issues. His short videos can be seen on YouTube and other social media, PragerU, and Fox. His 2009 documentary “U.N. Me” won Best Documentary Film at the New Hampshire Film Festival.

Horowitz graduated from the University of Southern California with majors in both political science and philosophy, which he says are actually quite complimentary.

“I think philosophy helps to shape and sharpen your cognitive reasoning and political science assists in your application of those skills,” he said.

One of the ways Horowitz apparently applies those skills is by challenging people’s perceptions with seemingly innocuous questions. The results are entertaining, insightful, and sometimes surprisingly, or even alarmingly, disturbing.

In one of his videos from 2018, Horowitz presented students outside New York University with a series of quotes and asked them if they were from the Communist Manifesto or the Democratic Party Platform.

These were the quotes:

“We will push for a societal transformation.”

“We have established new classes, new conditions of oppressions, new forms of struggles that replace the old ones.”

“The racial, wealth, and income gaps are the result of policies that discriminate against people.”

“Disparities in wealth cannot be solved by the free market.”

“We will challenge and dismantle the structures that define lasting racial, economic, political, and social inequity.”

“The system is not working. We have rigged the economy.”

As some might expect, the students had trouble identifying which quotes came from which source. Many of the students were very surprised at the quotes that came from the Democratic Party Platform.

“We are living in a polarized society with both sides of the political spectrum retreating to their ideological corners. This is very problematic,” said Horowitz.

“It seems to me that the Left is moving to the extremities particularly fast. So quickly in fact, that the lines seem to be getting blurred between mainstream Democratic Party thought and some of the foundational ideals of Socialism. That would be very damaging to our country and something I have vowed to help fix by exposing it.”

Horowitz said the Communist Manifesto directly inspired events in history that led to the death of at least tens of millions of people.

“The thought that any of it would resonate with the American Left scares me,” he said.

With Horowitz’s YouTube page receiving more than 6.5 million views thus far, his impact is sure to have been significant.