Prominent Italian TV Host Praises Art and Culture Shown in Shen Yun

March 20, 2018

“The show is wonderful and the dancers are very, very good; and I’m sad learning about the persecution [in today’s China under the communist regime]. I’m sorry for the people that have to live outside of their country because of the persecution.”

“I like the choreography in the performance, and the costumes are all a feast for the eyes.”

“I liked the scene that showed the cave with the Buddhas [statues]. I would like to visit China, but I think now belief in the divine is a problem [in China] as it is forbidden to hold such beliefs. It’s a big problem.”

“I think it is a perfect method to use the arts to showcase the culture for audiences, and for them to learn about the persecution [in today’s China,] like it has been for me tonight. People come for the love of culture and arts and learn more.”