Principal Shaves His Head for Bullied 6th Grader

May 23, 2019 Updated: May 23, 2019

Paula Pollock from Iowa posted a video of a principal who allowed a student who has been bullied to shave his head during school. This student Jackson Johnston is 11 and attends Pekin Middle School. Jackson was bullied for shaving his own hair to support his grandfather who was diagnosed with cancer. Stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma to be exact. He surprised his grandfather Rick with his new haircut, letting him know that he’s not in it alone. He recognizes that supporting his grandfather is a way that he can help him get through this.

After her son had been picked on at school, Jackson’s mother Amber reached out to the school’s principal. The principal, Tim Hadley responded by asking that her son bring the hair clippers to school the next day.

In front of the whole school, Principal Hadley talked about the bullying and gave a speech telling the boy he was proud of him for the reason behind shaving his head. He allowed the boy to cut his hair in front of the entire school.

Standing with a newly shaved head Hadley reiterated about thinking before passing judgment and taught the students to live in another person’s shoes for a moment. Now his school and community are in support of Jackson and papa Rick. Jackson stated that he would keep his head shaved until his grandfather recovers or for the rest of his life.

This touching story shines a light on a very real narrative. Bullying and cancer rolled into one lesson the students at Perkin Middle School have learned the hard way. The upside now is that what started out as a bad situation turned into a positive one, helping to bring the school and community together.

The strength of this 11 year old boy is remarkable.

Video Credit: Paula Richards | Facebook