Prestigious Writer: Shen Yun ‘The Power is Phenomenal’

April 17, 2011 Updated: April 21, 2011

TAINAN, Taiwan—The last show of Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company in Tainan City was staged on April 15. Among the audience was Mr. Wang Haoyi, a well known writer and advocate for literature and history. He praised the magnificence of Shen Yun and believed that the gigantic power drawn from truthfulness and compassion will move and motivate many more people to see the show.

“I had seen Shen Yun’s posters in many places during recent years. From these posters, I expected the show would be about authentic classical Chinese dance. I finally had an opportunity to view it today and, as I expected, the performance was excellent. Even more precious, the artistic presentations were made through extraordinary costuming,” Mr. Wang described his experience of Shen Yun with a smile.

“Every program we saw today is fabulous. Dances such as Recalling the Great Qin and Ladies of the Tang Palace are all very beautiful. Regardless of whether dynamic or static, the dances are all ethereal and vigorous,” he added.

Mr. Wang highly praised the delicacy revealed by a dancers’ movements, saying, “Such elegance is hard to describe. That kind of lightness! That kind of exuberance! And there is an ingredient of grace, too. The great essence of Chinese culture is revealed among their postures and movements.”

Mr. Wang was amazed by the presentation techniques adopted in the program Our Story. He said, “The artistic presentation is marvelous. With a whole row of fairies and a female teacher, a lot of the profound, superb techniques are exhibited in the performance that depicted the revival of the teacher. I am highly amazed.”

He said that he was lucky to be sitting in the first row, such that he could clearly see the subtle facial expressions and body movements of the dancing artist. “While watching the interaction between their teacher and the fairies, the three female students standing at the corner of the stage still displayed vivid facial expressions. That indicates that they are fully immersed in the scene. I think this is an outstanding group. They have done well in a lot of details.”

The Shen Yun Orchestra that provides music accompaniment to the show also aroused Mr. Wang’s curiosity. He said, “The music is so excellent. I felt like leaning forward to see how they played the music, especially how the conductor’s waving hands governed the tempo of the music. Wow! I really would like to take a closer look at that. I think all the performers, all of the roles they played, and all of the connotation they delivered, have been really great!”

Learning from the introduction of the emcees that there are three Shen Yun Performing Arts companies touring around the world simultaneously, Mr. Wang said, “The power is phenomenal. I believe the energy created by the truthfulness and compassion will move and motivate many more people to come.”

“In various cities at different times, Shen Yun dancing artists have staged their performance so many times. However, you can’t feel their tiredness at all. Instead, they continue to act out every program earnestly and diligently. What is the strength that backs them up?” pondered Mr. Wang after he noticed the tight performance schedule of Shen Yun.

Knowing that Shen Yun has been staging their performance in Taiwan for five years, Mr. Wang expressed his regret for missing the earlier performances. He believed those who watch Shen Yun once would look forward to it every year. He said he was thinking about next year's show.

Mr. Wang is a resident writer of Tainan City and advocate for literature and history. He wrote three famous award-winning books that introduce Tainan’s locally flavored snacks, history and architecture.

Reporting by Sun Guoying.

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