Pregnant Woman Shot in the Head, Baby Delivered Safely

April 6, 2018 Updated: April 6, 2018

A pregnant woman from Springfield, Ohio, was shot in the head on Thursday, April 5.

The victim was flown to an area hospital whose medical staff were able to save the baby she had been carrying for over 30 weeks, FOX25 Boston reported.

The victim, identified by Dayton Daily News as Lindsey E. Marsh, remains in critical condition. She was shot on the side of her head in a home located at the first block of East McCreight Avenue.

Records obtained by FOX25 Boston reveal that the baby is okay, according to the latest check.

Staff at the Miami Valley Hospital performed a C-section to deliver the baby.

Travis Hypes, 25, is accused of shooting Marsh. He was arrested for felonious assault, the Dayton Daily News reported.

Court records obtained by the newspaper reveal that Hypes told police he was the victim’s boyfriend. He also admitted to shooting her after an altercation they had.

“He would tell us he and (the victim) were arguing and this led to the two of them shoving each other,” a probable cause affidavit filed in Clark County Municipal Court read. “During the shoving Travis said he reach into his right pocket and pulled out a pistol.  She shoved him again after seeing the gun, so he shoved her back with both hands.  His right hand had the gun in it and as he shoved her…it discharged.”

After the incident, the boyfriend reportedly ran to his uncle’s home on East Cecil Street and told him what had just happened.

The uncle then called dispatchers and told Hypes to tell police about the shooting.

In another similar case, a woman in the advanced stage of pregnancy was shot dead in a late-night “robbery” in Columbus, Ohio, police said, but doctors managed to save the unborn baby’s life.

The expectant mother was 35 weeks pregnant when she was gunned down at a home in the city’s Hilltop area shortly before midnight on New Year’s Day, WTDN reported.

She was immediately transported to a hospital and reportedly lived long enough for doctors to deliver her baby.



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