Police Patrol Hears Cries From Abandoned House, and Discovers Something Horrific Inside

May 28, 2019 Updated: May 30, 2019

What would you do if you heard an animal in distress? Would you walk away, trusting that the person who owns the animals would take care of it? Or would you step in yourself to find out what’s wrong?

For some officers from the Chicago Police Department in the summer of 2015, there was no question what to do when they heard animals crying from inside an abandoned house on their patrol. They managed to break into the boarded-up home and found something truly horrific inside.

Emmy the night that the Chicago Police Department rescued her and Oscar from an abandoned building.

Trio Animal Foundation 发布于 2015年8月24日周一

They found two adult dogs that had been left behind without food or water for what seemed to be weeks. The animals had been locked inside with no light and were slowly dying of dehydration and starvation. The officers knew the first priority was to give the dogs water and food. They then rushed them to the Emergency Room at Heal Veterinary Clinic for care. That’s when the Trio Animal Foundation, a charity that helps the most ill and abused dogs get care, met the officers at the ER Vet and took the dogs into their care.

“They may be homeless, but they are not forgotten,” the Foundation’s Facebook page states.

Emmy was scared and too weak to stand anymore.

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What happened next was a crazy fight to keep them alive.

The dogs were named Emmy (who is red) and Oscar (who is white), and the vets did everything they could to help them. Trio posted about the desperate situation for everyone who had heard about the police rescue. “Emmy weighed in at only 22.4 pounds and her body was in starvation mode. She was anemic, had an elevated white blood cell count and was dangerously dehydrated,” as per a post on Trio Animal Foundation’s Facebook page.

In order to avoid damaging her digestive system, they had to feed her small, intensely nutritional meals. Oscar was better off physically but had developed behavioral problems because of the terrible trauma.

Emmy with Dr. Stecher and Matt at Heal.

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As the days went by, the two dogs started to make a recovery. A vet tech at Heal, named Anthony, who had been assigned to take care of Emmy fell in love with her. “When Emmy was weak and didn’t want to leave Anthony’s side, he would drape her around his neck and carry her around like a little fawn… this is when Emmy was happiest,” the foundation’s Facebook page stated. Whenever Anthony wasn’t around, Emmy would use whatever little strength she had to try to find him.

When the Foundation started looking for a home that Emmy could call her own, Anthony realized what he needed to do. As Trio was coming to move her from the hospital to their shelter, “he teared up” and decided that Emmy’s forever home would be his.

Emmy with her BFF and dad, Anthony

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Oscar, too, got the help he needed with a member of Trio taking on obedience training to make sure that he could be a safe companion animal for any family who wanted to give him the chance that he’d never had. “After over two months of both medical and emotional rehabilitation,” Oscar was ready to be put up for adoption by Trio. “He is a happy-go-lucky dog the majority of the time, though he has some fear issues that are residual from his past.”

Thankfully, people responded amazingly to his post, and he too found a family that took him in.

What a difference a few weeks makes!

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An incredible story of courage and generosity from people around Chicago and the country. As Trio posted, “without your prayers and financial contributions, this would not have been possible!” This goes to show what can happen when the police and the community band together to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves.

Emmy with her new family!

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