In Routine Traffic Stop, Officer Teaches Young Driver A Surprising Lesson

May 24, 2019 Updated: May 24, 2019

In what begins as a routine traffic stop on a Wisconsin road, watch as a police officer goes beyond the call of duty and uses the moment to help a teen in need by teaching him a valuable lesson.

In 2016, a police officer in Menomonie, Wisconsin, pulled over a speeding driver in what should have been any ordinary traffic stop. The officer, Officer Martin Folczyk, pulled the car over for a traffic violation. He quickly discovered a University of Wisconsin-Stout student, Trevor Keeney, in the driver’s seat, and was expecting to issue tickets for the traffic infraction as he had to other drivers earlier that morning.

Keeny’s appeared agitated and annoyed, but not so much from being pulled over like many expected. Rather, it was because he was struggling to get a tie tied in preparation of a presentation he was heading to on campus—and he was running late.

Officer Martin Folczyk offers to fix the young man’s necktie. (Screenshot)

Officer Folczyk asked for the necktie, and he immediately put the tie around his own neck to tie it for Keeny while asking him for his license and insurance information. When no problems were found with either, he handed the tie back to find it too short. Without hesitation, he took it back to retie it with a little more length. When the tie was just right, Officer Folczyk let Keeny get on his way with nothing more than a simple warning.

Unknown at the time, but Keeney made it to his presentation and scored well with a 92 percent. The kind, gentle gesture has sent the video viral online. Community leaders and viewers around the world have praised the interaction and Officer Folczyk’s willingness to go beyond his duties during the traffic stop to help a young student in a non-traditional way. The pair both found new friends in the interaction. You just must see it for yourself.

Video Credit: Menomonie Police Department | Facebook