Polar Bear Body Cam: Life on the Ice

By Simon Veazey, Epoch Times
February 2, 2018 Last Updated: February 2, 2018

Body cams are increasingly used to record vital moments and evidence—not only by police but by scientists too.

In 2014, researchers began strapping data recording equipment, including a camera, to a total of nine polar bears in south Beaufort Sea, Alaska.

After two years collecting data, they have published the results of their study, as well as releasing some cool video footage.

The scientists were trying to assess the amount of energy polar bears burn up, or to put it another way, the amount of food they need.

The results were published in the journal Science on Feb. 1, and show that polar bears burn up to four pounds of pure fat per day, more than was previously thought.

“They found that high energy demands required consumption of high-fat prey, such as seals, which are easy to come by on sea ice but nearly unavailable in ice-free conditions,” the abstract to their paper says.