iPlant: Photo Frames With Real Flowers

May 27, 2010 Updated: October 1, 2015

MINI PRAIRIE: A frame with grass.  (Courtesy of Yu Chyu Company)
MINI PRAIRIE: A frame with grass. (Courtesy of Yu Chyu Company)
They are not fake flowers, neither are they dried flowers, but they are real flowers that need no watering and sunlight.

Recently, Yu Chyu Company in southern Taiwan invented iPlant, new plant photo frames, in which the plants in the frames can grow as long as they are exposed to some form of light.

The plants are tissue cultured, a technique used to propagate plants without using seeds.

“Most of the ordinary plants cannot survive indoors,” said Chen Chen, general manager of the company. “Therefore, since consumers are demanding to have plants that can survive indoors without being exposed to sunlight, we decided to create something like this. These plants need no water and can be cultured indoors.”

The photos in the frames can be changed easily even after the plants in the frames have grown mature.

One of the most popular plant frames, according to the company, is the rose frame. The rose, which grows to about 4 inches, can last for two to three years.

iPlant is currently only sold in Taiwan, but Chen said that he hopes to expand the business to North America soon.

For more information, please visit http://www.iplant.com.tw/index_en.php