Peru in State of Emergency Following 7 Ubinas Volcano Eruptions (+Video)

September 12, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Peru declared a state of emergency on Thursday in several areas after the Ubinas volcano erupted seven times since the beginning of the month.

The volcano has spewed gas and ash to nearby areas, reported AFP.

Nine districts are reportedly threatened by the volcano.

Masks were distributed to residents and villagers need to be relocated to a different area within 60 days.

Ash has damaged crops and polluted water systems.

Peru This Week reported that ash covered the districts of Ubinas, Matalaque, Chojata, Omate, Coalaque, Ichuña, Lloque, Yunga, and the district of San Juan de Tarucani.

Villagers from Querapi were suffering from symptoms that have been linked to the volcanic eruption.

Until 2006, the volcano had not erupted for around 40 years.

There have been a series of small explosions at the volcano due to water seeping into the heated rocks, reported Wired magazine.