Passenger ‘Acting Erratically’ Before Being Detained on Flight to Chicago

A 72-year-old Nigerian immigrant said he was restrained for mistakenly sitting in the wrong seat, but a witness said he was acting oddly and grabbed a child.

“I was watching a movie and looked over in the area he was pacing,” passenger Chad Birkholz said.

“And the next thing I know, I see him picking up a child and the mother immediately jumping up trying to get her child back.”

Then the man, identified as Nigerian immigrant David Ukesone, then went into the business class section of the plane, where he caused a commotion, WGN reported.

“He was up there and started to yell and scream,” Birkholz said. “He eventually bit a passenger, broke a finger of one of the flight attendants and had to be restrained.”

Ukesone spent the rest of the flight in restraints. He spent four days in the hospital after he got off the plane.

His lawyer, Alex Ogoke, disputed the claims to WGN.

“Assuming, for the purposes of argument, that there was unruly behavior protocol and procedure dictates that you file a complaint. No charges were filed against him, no complaint was filed,” Ogoke said.